Exodus House has been assisting men and their families since 1977. But not without generous support and contributions from Donors like you.

Whatever your reason for donating and however you choose to make your donation, we are grateful for your support no matter how big or small. Together we can help someone take the next step to a better life!

There are many different ways you can donate. They include:


  • PayPal is a trusted, reputable source for making charitable donations.
  • Using this website, you can find other charities you would like to support
  • Donors don't need a PayPal account to make donations
  • PayPal covers all transaction fees, so 100% of your gift will reach Exodus House.
  • You receive an additional layer of privacy when using PayPal
  • Set up a recurring donation that allows you to give a particular sum at regular intervals you choose!

  • One of the first nonprofit organizations to channel the power of the internet for online giving.
  • Using this website, you can find other charities you would like to support.
  • Track donations through your personal Giving History. JustGive provides a single tax receipt for all your donations throughout the year
  • Make private, secure donations with a secure server that protects your financial information
  • Set up recurring donations throughout the year!
  • Mail your contribution or stop in and visit us and drop off your donation.
  • Exodus House
  • 1421 Fond du Lac Avenue
  • Kewaskum, WI 53040